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Ideas for Kindergarten - Grade 2

Maker Activities

Carnival Game
Can you create a fun game that you might find at a carnival? Think about the games you like to play and see what you can come up with. How will you play the game? Will you keep points? Is there a prize if you win? Think of how to set up your game and then find some players and challenge them to play it.
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Scary Creature
Can you design a scary monster? Who will it scare? What can you add to your creature to make it seem scary? Think about it and start creating.
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Animal Shelter
Can you create a safe animal shelter? Choose an animal and think about what kind of place could shelter them from the rain or other types of weather. Will it be waterproof? Will it keep the wind out?
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Make a Machine to Help Mr. Bear
Mr. Bear can’t move up the stairs in his wheelchair. Can you help him? Think about the ways you’ve seen buildings create access for wheelchairs? Can you create something Mr. Bear can use? Can you come up with new ideas that you haven’t seen before?
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Make Something Wearable
Fashion can come from so many places. Sometimes it’s fun to make your own to show off your style. See what things you can create that you can wear. Does your wearable also help you do something or is it just for show?
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Digital Accessory
Show off your style! Design and create an accessory that fits your needs and supports your everyday lifestyle.
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