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Ideas for Grades 6 - 8

Maker Activities

Make a Chain Reaction
Have you ever seen a chain reaction? It’s fun to see how one item causes another to move. Think about ways you can create your own. How many parts will you use? How will you make it happen? How will it end? Put your chain reaction together and challenge yourself to make it even bigger
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Make Something Wearable
Fashion can come from so many places. Sometimes it’s fun to make your own to show off your style. See what things you can create that you can wear. Does your wearable also help you do something or is it just for show?
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Make a Household Helper
Need a little helper in your work area or house? Think about how you can create something that can help you every day. Design an idea and test it to see if it is helpful.
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Carnival Game
Can you create a fun game that you might find at a carnival? Think about the games you like to play and see what you can come up with. How will you play the game? Will you keep points? Is there a prize if you win? Think of how to set up your game and then find some players and challenge them.
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Make a Repeatable Pattern
Do you like to draw? Can you make a pattern that repeats? It can be difficult to make a pattern that is consistent with out a little help. Design and create a machine to help you create one. What pattern will you try to create? Can you create more than one?
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Make a Security Gadget
How are you going to protect your valuables? Think about what you would want to protect and the best ways to protect those items. How can you protect your items? Will there be an alarm or flashing lights? Design and create a gadget that will help you protect your valuable items.
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Make a Mechanical Toy Animal
Need a pet that is easy to take care of and can keep you company? Try building a mechanical animal. Design and build an animal that you can play with. What type of animal have you always wanted? What type would be the most fun? Try to build something unexpected that you can share with your friends.
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