Coaching Programs


Personalized and Responsive Coaching

LEGO Education coaching supports classroom learning experiences that are meaningful, socially interactive, actively engaging, iterative, and joyful. Coaching offers teachers a highly-effective opportunity to transfer professional learning to individual teaching environments.

Lesson Delivery

Lesson Delivery Coaching

LEGO® Education lesson-delivery coaching builds the STEAM skills and teaching habits teachers need to deliver impactful learning experiences. 

Key features:

  • A collaborative, highly-responsive, individualized, one-to-one cycle (max. 4 teachers per day).
  • Interactive, in-class coaching with activities such as coach-led model teaching, co-teaching, real-time coaching, or observation and post-lesson feedback.
  • Occurs during class with students.
Lesson Preparation and Reflection

Lesson Preparation and Reflection Coaching

LEGO® Education lesson-preparation and reflection coaching enables teachers to create and refine learning experiences. 

Key features:

  • A group-based, tailored coaching cycle (up to 10 teachers).
  • Teachers set and achieve goals that match their shared interests and needs.
  • Remote or on-site delivery.
  • Group learning that motivates and builds momentum, while promoting accountability, idea sharing, and peer feedback.

More Learning Options

LEGO® Education is not an accredited institution. Those who wish to learn more about professional development credits or professional learning credits should contact their school or district for more information.