If content is not displaying in your WeDo 2.0 app, it is most likely that your app settings are set for online mode and there is no WiFi connection to your iPad.

In the WeDo 2.0 software for iPads you have 2 options for how to access the content in the app:

  1. Live stream the content as you need it in the class room – requires classroom WiFi access and online settings.

  2. Download the full app version including all the content – offline settings.

The size of the app is only 0.2 GB if you choose to use the online settings versus 1.5 GB for the offline settings. If you would like to change your app to the full version using the offline setting please use the following guide:

  1. Make sure you have WiFi access in order to download all content to the WeDo 2.0 software.

  2. Open the WeDo 2.0 software.

  3. Go to the Lobby.

  4. Click the Settings Icon in the top right corner.

  5. Click on [Offline Settings] in the menu.

  6. Click on [Download all of the teaching materials for WeDo 2.0 (1.3 GB)]

  7. WeDo 2.0 will download all content to the software.

  8. When the download is complete, close and fully restart the WeDo 2.0 software to access all content in offline mode.